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Finding the Right Tutor

Classrooms are extremely busy places, and teachers are expected to teach a class full of children with many and varied learning needs. It’s not surprising then that some students fail to cope in the classroom and do not meet educational benchmarks, despite the best efforts of the school. Parents often become aware that their child is experiencing problems; usually with aspects of literacy and numeracy, when parent/teacher interviews occur or when report cards are sent home. A small gap in a student’s learning, if not addressed in a timely fashion, can lead to even bigger problems. This can have a devastating impact on a child’s self-confidence as students begin to recognise that they are not keeping up with their peers.

Signs that your child may need a tutor include: slipping grades, poor time management, increasing lack of confidence, reluctance to attend school or a diagnosed learning disability. Extra tuition can be of enormous benefit to those students who need extra help.So what should you look for if you are considering a tutor for your child?

Know what your child needs help with. Are they struggling with reading, English or mathematics? Look for a tutor who can fully assess your child to inform you about the gaps in their current learning and what needs to be done to correct them. The tutor should be able to design a program that will address your child’s individual needs.

A good tuition program will be targeted at where a student feels comfortable, addresses their learning gaps, improves their confidence, and allows them time to catch up to where they need to be. Anyone who is merely offering homework help is wasting both your time and your money.

Make sure the tutor you engage is a qualified, experienced and registered teacher. Teachers have the knowledge and expertise to fully address your child’s needs and can implement educational programs very effectively. Always check that the tutor has a current Blue Card and is registered with the Australian Tutoring Association.

Look for value for money and be wary of any tutor who tries to lock you in to a long term and often expensive contract. There are lots of excellent tutors out there. Start your search on the internet, or sound out family and friends who may have used tutors for their recommendations.

Effective tuition can make an enormous difference to a child’s learning and has an overwhelmingly positive impact on their self-confidence. So if your child is experiencing difficulty with aspects of their learning, it may be timely to act now and find a good tutor before the problem gets bigger.


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