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Moreton Bay Recycling champions!

Wamuran State School and North Lakes Goodstart Early Learning Centre (ELC) have been recognised for their efforts recently in reducing general waste and increasing recycling programs as part of Moreton Bay Regional Council’s 2017 Sustainability Champions Program.

The program, which started as a pilot last year, aims to recognise schools and early learning centres in the region for their achievements and leadership in sustainable waste management.

Council’s Waste Spokesperson, Councillor Adam Hain, said it was fantastic to see young students even as young as three and four embracing recycling and doing their bit to help preserve the wonderful environment of Moreton Bay.

“Our goal through council’s Sustainability Champions Program is to discover champion sites from across the region that are minimising waste to landfill and diverting valuable materials to recycling and resource recovery among other sustainable practices,” Cr Hain said.

“For instance, just by setting up a compost bin to dispose organic waste, GoodStart ELC was able to decrease waste to landfill by nearly half; from 900kg per week to 530kg per week and double their recycling efforts from 480litres per week to 840 litres per week.

“There were some excellent results at Wamuran State School through their recycling of plastic bottles, cosmetic containers, oral and dental containers as well as mobile phones and accessories that helped them to half their waste to landfill from about 2500kg per week to 1250kg per week.”

Division 4 Councillor Julie Greer said Goodstart worked hard over the year to reduce their general waste and increase their recycling efforts.

“You are never too young to learn how to recycle and care for the environment so I am just so pleased to see our youngest residents taking the time to learn about recycling and caring for our environment,” Cr Greer said.

“I want to congratulate each and every one of them along with the teaching staff for making recycling a priority at the centre.

“The best part about programs such as this is that the kids can go home and share what they’ve learnt with their family, which has a positive flow-on effect to recycling and waste minimisation at home.”

Division 12 Councillor Adrian Raedel said when it came to recycling, “Wamuran State School has definitely set the benchmark”.

“Last year Wamuran was named Regional Recycler for their Plastic Ocean Funky Fashion video and their recycling efforts certainly haven’t waned since then.

“Their efforts teach all of us how we can all play our part in creating a better environment.

For their hard work, both the centre and school received a certificate of achievement and a trophy made from timber recovered at council’s waste facility.

To find out more information about waste reduction in the Moreton Bay Region, visit

Did you know? Over 1,800 tonnes of recovered items are sold through the Caboolture and Dakabin Treasure Markets annually? Items are donated or salvaged from Council’s waste management facilities.

Photo Captions:

Photo 1: Division 4 Councillor Julie Greer with Kristie Balcombe - Assistant Director; Donna Lang - Centre Director; Robyn Burke - Early Childhood Teacher; Evelyn Kaur - 2yrs, Jordan Whitehead - 4yrs and Cooper Williams 3yrs.

Photo 2: Division 12 Councillor Adrian Raedel with Wamuran State School Principal Susan Clement; Marissa Ward - Leader of Earth Protector group; Victoria Turnbull, Jordan Gaske, Chelsea Moir and Jacob Gillespie.


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