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Unitywater Announces 2018-19 Prices for Moreton Bay Customers

Unitywater has released its 2018-19 prices, maintaining its ongoing commitment to keep costs as low as possible for customers in the Moreton Bay region.

Unitywater’s combined water and sewerage access charges will reduce by almost $8 per annum with water and sewerage usage charges to remain the same for the fourth consecutive year.

“We are committed to keeping prices as low as possible for our customers while still providing high-quality services,” Unitywater Chairman Jim Soorley said.

“We understand cost-of-living pressures and are pleased that our efforts to drive efficiencies allow us to pass on savings to our Moreton Bay customers.

“In the next year, we’re also investing $143 million across our entire service region to ensure we continue to provide safe and reliable services now and in the future.”

Unfortunately, the bulk water price set by the State Government will increase by 3.5%. For the average Moreton Bay customer this adds approximately $15 to the total water and sewerage bill from 1 July 2018.

Overall this means an increase in the total average water and sewerage bill of around $7 per annum.

Unitywater water/sewerage bills 2018-19:

Average bill for Moreton Bay residential household (using 148kL per year)

2017-18: $1,597.38

2018-19: $1,604.17

Pensioner (using 29kL per person per year)

2017-18: $1,113.89

2018-19: $1,109.07

2018-19 Pricing Table

* Assuming customers are connected to both water and sewerage. Prices in brackets indicate a decrease.


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