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Be Mindful of Multi-Residential Living Security

Moreton District police have identified an increase in burglars targeting retirement villages and unit complexes.

Most of these facilities have an onsite manager or a body corporate. It is helpful to give your after-hours key holder information to police. Any information provided by key holders remains confidential.

Here are some safety tips for people who are living in multi-residential facilities:

  • Know your neighbours – it helps to be aware of each other’s habits.

  • Report any suspicious behaviour, such as persons loitering at entry/exits of the facilities.

  • Visitor access is commonly used through an intercom system. This is an invaluable tool as the occupants can control who enters the facility. If you do not know the person entering, refer them to the manager’s office.

  • Communal areas should always have doors closed if no one is in attendance. Do not prop open doors and do not lend keys to anyone.

  • Elevators and access to levels should be regulated by the manager. Occupants should have access to their level, laundry, communal area, carpark and ground floor.

  • Have a deadlock on your front door. Always key lock and minimise who has a duplicate of your keys to your unit.

  • Balconies need to be locked and secure. Do not have wheelie bins directly under your balcony for easy access.

  • Ensure lighting is illuminating the entry, exit, fire exits, stairwells and other vulnerable areas.

  • Be mindful of heavy vegetation and shrubs and hedges. A maximum of 1 metre high is encouraged so it is hard for offenders to hide behind. Maintain good vision around the grounds.

  • Garage and vehicle security is a vulnerable area. If entry is gained by an offender the whole building is at risk. Always ensure the garage or gate closes behind you; lock your vehicle.


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