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Moreton All Body Care: Supporting Local Athletes

Moreton All Body Care is providing local athletes with everything they need to achieve their goals through their inaugural ‘Sponsored Athlete Program’. Commencing in April, the program is assisting 10 local athletes with the physical and financial aspects that come with playing their chosen sport.

Offered to individuals of all ages and from a wide range of sporting backgrounds and ability, the program covers financial support, strength and conditioning programs, and access to a collection of health professionals including Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Exercise Scientists and Exercise Physiologists. Due to the tailored approach of the program, the diverse needs of each participant can be met.

“We feel this sponsorship program is important because we are able to provide local athletes with access to resources that they otherwise may not have been able to access,” says Moreton All Body Care Owner, Georgie Vinton. “These resources are not only financial - although for some this may be a limiting factor in their ability to pursue higher levels in their chosen sporting field - but also physical, because we think it is important that athletes not only have a good understanding of their physical requirements, but also know how to achieve them.”

The inspiration for the program came from a desire to further assist local athletes within the community.

“While we can see the benefits of providing financial support, and we know that this helps teams and athletes to continue competing, we also felt that there was more we could do to assist our local athletes than just provide them with money,” Georgie explains. “A lot of young and amateur athletes don’t have access to professional services like physiotherapy and exercise science, because they are either unaware of how we are able to help them, or because they can’t afford the services.

“By starting the Sponsored Athlete Program we are giving athletes direct access to these services, and hopefully helping them to not only participate in their chosen sport, but also improve their physical capacity along the way.”

After seeking expressions of interest from the local community, a large number of athletes applied for the program through a written application, answering an array of specific questions. “We received a huge number of applications for the program and narrowing it down was very difficult.”

Moreton All Body Care hopes to further increase their intake of athletes within the program in the future. Georgie emphasises there is no set requirements for athletes to enter, and encourages individuals from any sporting background and skill level to get involved.

“We want to be able to provide athletes with a good platform to be able to continue to build and grow. It is our aim to give the sponsorship to those athletes who we feel will benefit most from the support we are able to provide them, and each applicant is assessed and accepted based on their written application, and our perceived ability to be able help them.”

Applications for the 2019 ‘Sponsored Athlete Program’ will open in December.


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