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Raise Your Glass!

Narangba will be painted P!nk by the influential voice of Kim Boath and the Raise Your Glass Tribute Band at the Narangba Valley Tavern on May 26.

P!nk tribute band, Raise Your Glass, are the perfect appetiser for fans lucky enough to fetch tickets to P!nk’s Brisbane shows, and a worthy equivalent for those who had the misfortune of missing out. Born in Mount Isa, Kim (much like the pink visage she wears), is a powerful, versatile and accomplished performer with outstanding vocal talent.

“When I was fourteen I was the lead singer of my high school band. Since then I have been in countless shows, but throughout all my performances, the highlight has been working with Raise Your Glass in our P!nk tribute show,” said Kim as she reminisced about her humble beginnings.

Approached five years ago about performing in a P!nk tribute show after an agent saw her perform at a different show, Kim said “They took one look at me and asked if I would perform as a tribute to P!nk as we shared a similar look and sound. It took me four months to agree to it because P!nk is such a huge idol of mine, and I had to ready myself to do her justice.”

Kim has surpassed impersonator and transcended into the avatar of the songstress she embodies. When asked what her favourite P!nk lyric is, Kim responded poetically with, “You are perfect to me!”

Raise Your Glass cover P!nk’s high energy tracks. “We base our performance on her live music rather than her slower studio tracks, for the sole reason that P!nk has the best live musicians in the world.” Raise Your Glass comes in a close second, with band compiled of eight members; five musicians, two production technicians, and a single band manager.

Drummer, Jimmy Cowling, has played with Brian Mannix (Uncanny X-Men), Dale Ryder (Boom Crash Opera) and many other of Australia's greats. In the ears and eyes of Raise Your Glass there's simply no better drummer in Australia, and the fact that Jimmy shares an uncanny similarity to P!nk’s drummer, Mark Schulman, is a flavoursome bonus.

On guitar is Chris Goodridge who has also played with Brian Mannix, Dale Ryder and the same countless Australian greats. He has toured all around Australia, blessing the masses with his nice guy demeanour, and melting the ladies with his solo guitar riffs.

Accompanying Chris on the ‘axe’ is Grant Boath, a man of short words but killer basslines. Also the Musical Director and Architect of the show; Grant responsible for all the video, stage set and effects which take the show from a gig into a first class spectacle.

Supporting Kim with fierce angelic voices is Emily Louisa Rose and Asabi E Goodman. Emily has studied classical singing, while Asabi has travelled the globe as both an actor and songstress. The pair combine their unique backgrounds and vocal styles to entrance the audience in a chorus of good vibrations.

No band is complete, nor capable, without a solid production team behind them, and behind this spectacle you will find father/son duo Peter and Ben Ritcher. According to the band, the sound and lighting manipulated by these two is “insane.”

“Peter and Ben do a truly phenomenal job of keeping us troublemakers under control,” adds Kim. So, when you’re getting your party started, be sure to drink in the honour of the men responsible for the strobe and skin-tingling sound.

Last but certainly not least in this stellar tribute line-up is band Manager, Anthony Smith, who has been in the industry before hipsters knew what vinyl was, and carries a huge passion for it. Not only does Anthony manage the Raise Your Glass P!nk Tribute, he also tours the nation with the Queen Tribute Act playing Brian May. From time to time he’ll also step into the lead guitar role, and really show his troop how to manage some chords.

Many would ponder why such a talented group would tribute the musical greats instead of striving to become one themselves, and for Kim the answer is simple. “It’s the thrill of being able to take the show to remote places where the fans of P!nk can't go see her concert. Fans have been amazed by the authenticity and they truly embrace our show. It’s so incredibly satisfying to spread the music of P!nk and the great messages written into her lyrics.”

DATE: Saturday, May 26 TIME: 8pm – 11pm VENUE: Narangba Valley Tavern PRICE: FREE


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