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Screens damaging the health of Moreton Bay kids’ eyesight

As families become more dependent on screens than ever before, Optometrists, including those at BIG W Morayfield and BIG W North Lakes, are calling on parents to consider having their kids eyes checked.

Myopia, or short sightedness is expected to increase from 30 to 50 percent of the world’s population by 2050*, and research, supported by the Brien Holden Vision Institute in Australia, is putting this down to an increase in children spending more time indoors looking at screens.

Regular checks can start at an early age, with BIG W Optical recommending that all children should be examined before they are three years old and again before they start school.

“The blue light emitted from all of our everyday screen devices is taking a toll on the eye health of Australians, especially in kids,” says Amy So, Senior Optometrist at BIG W Optical.

“We support the national guidelines around limiting screen time and highly recommend kids get tested regularly to detect any underlying issues as soon as possible. Early identification of a vision problem is crucial as children can be more responsive to treatment when diagnosed early.”

BIG W has 42 Optical outlets across Australia, conveniently located within their stores. All of BIG W’s Eye Tests are completed by qualified Optometrists, bulk billed and on the spot instore claims are offered for health funds.

“Fitting in an eye test is just as important as a general doctors check up for local Moreton Bay families, so we encourage parents to get their kids started on a healthy optical journey from a young age,” concluded Amy.

Should they need glasses, kids can expect to find a variety of styles and colours to suit all tastes; and parents can take advantage of excellent prices. Booking a family friendly eye test for your little one is easy, you can simply head into or phone BIG W Morayfield and BIG W North Lakes to make an appointment or complete the booking form online.

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