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Legacy to Primary School

When Lorna Cogle, Principal of Narangba Valley State school approached the Visual Art Department at Narangba Valley High School late last year to complete a mural for their school café, they jumped at the opportunity.

Celebrating the end of Year 12, a select group of students volunteered their time and artistic abilities to complete a mural for the primary school, as a legacy to the school, whom for so many, was the foundation of their education. One grade 11 student and current NVSHS Arts Captain, also joined the team to paint the mural.

Next week, after many, many hours of design, creativity and resolution, the mural will be installed in its new home at the Primary School Café.

Rebecca McGuire, A/HOD of Visual Arts, is very excited to see the mural pieced together and installed in its new permanent location at the primary school.

“I really hope that the students at the primary school love exploring the imagery of their new colourful mural, and appreciate the healthy food and lifestyle message it communicates”, Mrs McGuire said.

“It isn’t just a mural to us; it is being part of a wider community and creating networks and relationships that remain long after the paint has dried”.


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