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Declutter Your Way Towards Abundance!

Tupperware with missing lids? Greeting cards from birthdays and Christmases from a decade ago? Socks without matches? Old, half-used makeup? Cab/ parking receipts? Clothes that don't fit? Unused spices in the cabinet? How about pens/ notepads/ toiletries from hotels you stayed in? Sound familiar?

An unkempt closet, a chaotic basement, littered drawers, sloppy work desk, a disheveled car? You are not alone! Everyone has clutter. It's natural. The essential thing is to detect and declutter.

Those piles of junk at your home, workspace and even your car are not only annoying to look at, but it can also bring on a lot of stress. Space-crunch, dust accumulation, lost items, missed appointments, forgotten errands, and inhibition to invite friends, are not only causes for anxiety and ill health, but also blocks the flow of positive energy and abundance and hinder your success.

Disorganisation and untidiness limits our ability to focus and process information, inevitably preventing us from recognising and grasping the opportunities right under our nose.

Clutter, undoubtedly, comes with a lot of baggage, literally and figuratively. In fact, great transformation is possible if you choose to declutter, not only your physical environments, but also your mental and emotional environments.

Holding onto resentments and denying forgiveness, can wreak more havoc on your emotional, physical and financial wellbeing than you can imagine!

Medical professionals believe that clutter does not only lead to anxiety, but other serious health issues like insomnia, weight gain, and depression.

Cleanse the physical space you spend most of your time in. Get rid of the things you don't use anymore, eliminate the items that elicit negative emotions. Go through every room in the house, every drawer and cabinet and purge the unneeded possessions.

This new year, let go of the painful baggage you've been hanging onto and clear that space to embrace abundance!


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