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Valentine’s Day in Moreton Bay

From verdant mountains to crashing ocean, Moreton Bay is spoiled for choice when it comes to natural beauty. This Valentine’s Day, use that beauty to spoil your beauty and forge some timeless memories along the way. You don’t have to spend Valentine’s Day inside a cliché, as Moreton Bay can cover every spectrum of romance within a 40 minute drive.

Rather than getting tangled up in gifts and formalities, explore the region with your valentine. The lesser known Zillman’s Crossing, located near Upper Caboolture, is a beautiful place to take your date and your dogs. Enjoy the country drive and take a dip in the freshwater, while surrounded by smooth sculpted stones and the cool forest canopy. Don’t forget to pack a picnic to woo your betrothed with an array of sandwiches and cheeses, but most importantly don’t forget to take your rubbish with you.

For those who prefer nature behind a glass, head to White Brick Brewing at North Lakes. At this micro-brewery you can enjoy Moreton Bay’s own local brew, buy ‘the paddle’ and sip down on the delicious range of local beer (each named after local landmarks), while the White Brick brewers concoct more before your eyes. Perhaps afterwards you could hold onto the paddle, and head on over to the North Lakes Library for some Kama Sutra-esque inspiration.

A little way down the road at Murrumba Downs lays Acacia Park. This lovely outlook of the North Pine River is a perfect place for lunch, a fish and lounge on the beach. This hidden gem is also scattered with walking tracks that lead along the river bank and through a dry eucalypt forest. If you’re a thrill seeker, these tracks have proven to be exciting on the back of a mountain bike. You’ll need speed and agility to master the trails of Acacia Park.

If it’s sunshine you seek, head to Redcliffe, hire stand up paddle boards and float around the point. Marvel at the views of Moreton Island in the distance and your valentine in their swimsuit. Make sure you equip yourself with a hat, sun cream, drinking water and some charm. For nourishment you cannot go past the classic chip sandwich.

Redcliffe has more to offer than just scenic coastline. Post-paddling, you should head to the Redcliffe Botanic Garden. Laze under the shade of the native trees and admire the soap opera of wildlife. You can revel in the fact that though the local wildlife may dance a similar mating ritual to us, they don’t nearly get as much chocolate and adoration as you do on Valentine’s Day.

But of course, the absolute best place for Valentine’s Day will always be the bedroom.


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