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For over a decade, Richard Lancaster, as Managing Director of Frontline Celebrities, managed the careers of over 80 of Queensland’s high profile Sports, Television, Radio and Entertainment stars, as well as some of Queensland’s prominent political figures. Here he gives some tips to those who would aspire to be famous.

Are you tired of life’s humdrum monotony? Do you dream of becoming famous, living a life of luxury, or becoming a celebrity? Many do, but few succeed. If you are not put off by that last sentence, then read on.

There are a number of essentials for becoming a celebrity and here they are.

*Firstly, think carefully why you want to be famous. Is the reason purely ego-driven or do you want to help others through your fame? Whatever the reason, make a commitment to yourself, set your goals and go for it!

* Decide on what you are going to be famous for. If you have a skill or a talent like playing a musical instrument, or you sing, act, paint or engage in some other activity that we humans perform in, you have a head start. If not, find something that appeals to you and go for it.

*Practice at least an hour a day in your chosen field. You must be consistent. Remember your future status will be driven by disciplined, regular practice.

*Study the lives and techniques of successful celebrities in your chosen field. Gain tips from them and put them into practice.

*Start to develop your profile on your website and Facebook page. Keep adding to it as you progress. Use all forms of social media to promote your talent and image to others. Once you have fans, treasure them.

*Enter quests and competitions relevant to your interest.

*Join groups who share your interest and show a commitment to them.

*Ensure that when you are successful in competitions or are given an accolade from your group, that you place this information on your website/ Facebook/Twitter pages, and also inform the local/state print and electronic media of your successes.

* Develop a habit of organising your daily/weekly activities. Time management is an important aspect of a celebrity’s life. Rank your activities according to their importance and be willing to make sacrifices.

* Think creatively - being a celebrity demands originality.

*Source a good agent. One who has a good reputation, is interested in your talent and has good commercial contacts in your field of endeavour.

*Have someone you trust as a mentor. One you can turn to.

*Learn how to take criticism. Not everyone will be supportive of you, no matter how hard you try. Nowadays, the so called social media trolls can be very destructive (if you allow them to be).

*Associate with local groups such as charities, clubs etc. Offer to help. Their support can be helpful in building your image.

*And finally, this is the most difficult hurdle to overcome and causes most “I wanna be a celebrity” to become “a non celebrity”. When you have not immediately succeeded or achieved what you wanted and everything seems to be going wrong, DON’T GIVE UP! Think positive. You don’t know what the future holds! Keep believing in yourself!

Remember its 80% perspiration and 20% inspiration!


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