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Native Little Aussies: Empire Gudgeon Hypseleotris Compressa

Another favourite local native aquarium species of mine is the Empire Gudgeon. This is the fish I go to when people say Australian natives are dull. Really? Well check this out!

A very peaceful addition to a community aquarium, Empire Gudgeons are shy and will take a while to get settled in. They are jumpers, so you will need a tight fitting lid and plenty of hiding places. They are also great to photograph as they just ‘hang’ in the current.

As with Rainbowfish, Empire Gudgeon will show their true colours when happy in a planted aquarium or pond. You will need at least two males to get Empire Gudgeons to colour up and display. Females do not show as much colour. It’s worth watching their courting displays on YouTube if you have never seen them before.

Found in Australia and Papua New Guinea, they grow to about 12cm and eat a variety of foods. They are easy to catch in a trap or hand net, or are readily available at most aquarium shops.


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