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Narangba Valley’s New Neighbourhood Watch

“A safe community is a happy community,” says Chelle Oakey, Area Coordinator for the new Narangba Valley Neighbourhood Watch.

With over ten months in the planning, multiple meetings with stakeholders, and legitimising processes, Narangba Valley will soon have its Neighbourhood Watch program up and running with an official launch planned for February this year. Providing an official forum for the local community to work together to improve the safety of people who live and work in the area, the program’s aim will be to encourage a shared sense of responsibility in the prevention and reduction of crime, and identifying and addressing local problems.

“Narangba is already a beautiful community, we all love it,” says Chelle. “But by taking ownership of our area and thinking about community safety as a whole, we will have the strength to make the area we genuinely love an even better place.”

Backed by unwavering support from local residents, Burpengary Police, and Neighbourhood Watch Queensland (NHWQ), the area will encompass the boundaries of New Settlement Road down to the junction of, and along, the Western side of Oakey Flat Road which includes the Highlands Estate and the new Narangba Heights Estate, up to Burpengary Creek, and along Harris Avenue, capturing the Narangba Valley State Primary and High Schools, Carmichael College, and the Narangba Valley Shopping Centre precinct.

Using the NHWQ website, coupled with the Narangba Valley Neighbourhood Watch Facebook page that members and residents can join, people can go online to either seek information on how to prevent a crime or how to deal with a problem, and to pass on information to the local committee about any issues in the area that may need addressing.

Acting Sergeant David Tramacchi from Moreton District Crime Prevention says, “Whilst the new Narangba Valley Neighbourhood Watch (NVNHW) Committee will have official guidelines to follow, the whole premise will be to promote community cohesion and improve relationships, not just between individuals but also with businesses, police and all levels of government. This provides an avenue and a voice for the improvement of local facilities, infrastructure and to bring about positive changes in the neighbourhood to make everyone safer.

“The website and Facebook page is designed for people to find out what is happening in their local community, get helpful information on the dos and don’ts of personal safety, and learn how to better secure your home, business, or your possessions. Also, the page can direct people to the right place if a crime has been committed. It’s not a page for people to air their personal opinions or report crime, but does offer the option to filter information back through to the NVNHW Committee and Burpengary Police about an issue occurring in the area to identify a possible solution. Overall, it’s a non-discriminatory and all-inclusive site for residents to come together in a positive way to help create a safer community.”

Volunteers can register to become members of Neighbourhood Watch, with applications checked and vetted by the police. If successful, they are given the Neighbourhood Watch plaque to put on their letterbox or fence. The official launch of NVNHW will take place on Saturday, February 17, where residents will be encouraged to become registered members or supporters, along with the opportunity to register their home CCTV cameras. The venue will be advertised on their Facebook page.


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