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How to Become a Residential Real Estate Agent in Australia

Have you watched all the real estate shows and thought, I can do this! Being a real estate agent is not about long lunches and nice cars. It is hard work but very rewarding if you put in the time and effort. Below is some information to help you make the decision on whether to join the industry.

Residential real estate agents handle the buying and selling of residential properties in Australia. They must have an understanding of the property market and the often complex issues surrounding property. They need expertise in property values, advertising, and the logistics of buying and selling property. They support and assist home buyers to purchase a property, and also work for property vendors to achieve the best price they can when selling. In order to become a qualified residential real estate agent in Australia, you will need to comply with the relevant licensing and registration requirements in your state or territory.

Residential real estate agents are responsible for the selling and leasing of private residential properties. They conduct inspections, arrange advertising and marketing campaigns for properties, and draft sale and lease contracts. Sometimes they may also manage properties on behalf of landlords, and monitor compliance of tenancy agreements by renters, collect rent payments, and organise maintenance.

You need to be highly motivated in order to be successful as a residential real estate agent. Good interpersonal skills are also required and the ability to work with people from a diverse range of backgrounds. Strong customer service skills are also a must, as well as a solid understanding of property law and contract negotiations. Effective time management skills and good communication are also important.


This course gives you what you need to know to get the best start in real estate as a:

• Salesperson

• Property Manager or

• in a Corporate Support or Administration role

REIQ courses are available through a range of flexible delivery options, including daytime contact classes, evening classes and distance education (online and correspondence). Once you have done your course you will need to apply to the Office of Fair Trading for your registration certificate. This usually takes around six weeks.


To be eligible for a real estate salesperson certificate, you must:

• be 18 years or over

• pass the required training courses


You are not suitable to hold a real estate salesperson registration if you:

• are currently disqualified from holding a licence or registration certificate

• have been convicted within the past five years of a serious offence.


If you are not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you need to:

• give us a certified copy of your passport

• have a visa that allows you to work in Australia.

Criminal history check

To confirm your suitability, your application will be submitted for a criminal history check. This will be thorough and may be time consuming.

Once you are all approved, you will be on your way to working in one of the best jobs in the world!


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