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Fish of the Month: Longtail Tuna - Thunnus tonggol

One of the better tasting fish we pull out of Moreton Bay is the Longtail Tuna, formally known as Northern Bluefin Tuna. Caught from Northern NSW right around the top of Australia to WA, these fish when hooked are great speedsters, and never give up fighting all the way to the boat. They have been responsible for many sore arms and backs after a drawn out fight.

Growing to just over a metre and up to 25kg, we rarely take more than one fish home to eat. Most fish we catch are a bit over 10kg.

Longtail Tuna can be caught on lures trolling or sight casted too, or my preferred method is live bait on the surface or just below. It can be very frustrating to chase them around when they’re surface feeding, trying to get close enough to throw lures at them, hence my preferred method of live baiting around the general area I have seen them, or where I have seen birds working and drifting into them.

For eating quality, I give Longtail Tuna four out of five stars. I have fried some in Southern Style Chicken Coating, and someone actually thought it was chicken. How good is that?


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