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Holiday Boredom Busters

December? Again? Each year seems to fly by faster than the last. The shops are full of tinsel and baubles. Christmas trees are popping up everywhere. It is indeed beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Students have finished another year of school. Be it their first, their last or somewhere in between, they can be proud of their achievements as they look forward to a well-earned break. Assessments have been completed and report cards have been finalised. A flurry of activities including; dance recitals, carol nights and end of year parties remind us that another busy year is drawing quickly to a close. Expectations are high as the holidays beckon with the promise of long, hot summer days filled with beaches, swimming pools, movies, lazing around at home and fun with family and friends.

Our children grow up so fast and before we can blink, they are finishing school, driving, possibly doing further study and getting their first jobs. So take some time to be with your children in the school break. It’s the time of the year when even though things might be hectic, school is out of the equation and we have the opportunity to spend some quality time with our children. The wide world beckons and becomes the alternate classroom for a few weeks. It’s an ideal time for children to gain new experiences, broaden their ideas and learn new things.

Are you stuck for ideas on how to keep your child occupied over the long summer break? Check out these websites for some ideas and suggestions.

Why not disconnect from electronic devices and reconnect with family? Simple things like visiting parks and playgrounds are free, as are many of our local museums and beauty spots, all of which provide lovely opportunities to be with your child. Try something new together and enjoy the time you have, without the routine of school for a while. Before you know it, the Christmas decorations will be out of the shops, only to be replaced with ‘Back to School’ signs and supplies, heralding the start of another academic year. Happy holidays everyone!

Karen Carter is Co-Director at Kip McGrath Education Centre Burpengary, providing professional tuition by qualified teachers in Maths and English for Primary and Secondary students. Visit or phone 3888 2332 for a free assessment.


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