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Think Twice Before Gifting a Pet for Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year that bring families together, but it is also the time of year that pet rescuers hate. Every Christmas, many people impulse purchase pets as presents, and a month or so later, pet shelters and rescues receive a huge influx of unwanted Christmas presents.

When adopting a pet you must consider:

Property size

In Moreton Bay, people on properties over 600m² are allowed:

  • Dogs = 2 (additional 1 with prior approval)

  • Cats = 2 (additional 1 with prior approval)

  • Poultry (other than roosters / cockerels) = 6

  • Roosters / cockerels = 0

  • Ducks, geese, turkey, guinea fowl, peacocks or similar birds = 0

  • Pigeons - including show pigeons or doves = 40 (additional with prior approval)

  • Racing pigeons = 60 (additional with prior approval)

  • Budgerigars, canaries, cockatiels, small parrots or birds of similar size = 20

  • Large parrots, cockatoos, galahs or birds of similar size = 0

  • Ratites - ostriches, emus or similar birds = 0

  • No stock animals*


Is your fencing suitable? Could your pet dig under or jump over the fence?


Are you home enough to give your pet the daily attention it needs? Is your pet too big for what you can accommodate?


Not only must you consider whether you can afford to pay for the pet, but can you also afford food, vaccinations, worming, flea treatment, desexing and emergency vet bills?


Take the family along to meet the potential new family member to make sure all the family knows and gets along with the pet. Also road test any potential new dog with your existing dog.

Pets are for life

Pets are not a disposable commodity. It is important to match the right pet to the right home, desex your pet to avoid unwanted litters, and if your pet does have a litter, surrender it to the Last Litter Program who will find homes for the litter and desex your pet for free.

*source Moreton Bay Regional Council website


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