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Coast Guard Redcliffe Buoyed by Local Support

For the past four years, Coast Guard Redcliffe have been a weekly fixture at Burpengary Tavern. Every Thursday night, the providers of Moreton Bay’s volunteer marine rescue service run a $5.00 raffle to raise funds for maintenance, fuel and equipment.

Thanks to the support of Burpengary Tavern and its patrons, the weekly raffle is one of Coast Guard Redcliffe’s most successful fundraising activities, raising around $16,000 last year, with a comparable amount expected this year.

“Fundraising doesn’t work unless you’ve got good corporate support, and the money we raise each year is largely because of Burpengary Tavern,” explains Media Officer, John Osberg. “Every week they very generously give us meal, meat and bottle shop vouchers to include.

“The other reason this raffle has been really, really successful is consistency. The regulars have heard us plug away at it for four years, they love what we do, and they support us strongly.”

Such is the support that many patrons reserve the same raffle number each week, with others volunteering as regular contributors to the raffle prize pool. Les and Fay Brown donate two bottles of honey each week, and each month Narangba business, All Point Tyres and Batteries, donate an Exide battery valued at $170.00. Bunnings Rothwell also regularly donate Stanley 20 Piece Screwdriver Sets.

“These donations really boost our prizes, and as a result we are putting about $450 into the coffers each week,” says John.

All funds raised from the raffle go directly towards the upkeep of Coast Guard Redcliffe’s fleet, without which they could not uphold their station as Moreton Bay’s ‘Guardians of the Bay’.

“Fundraising is vital because that’s what puts fuel in our boats,” says John. “It is a very expensive operation to run our boats all around the bay, and the wonderful thing about Coast Guard Redcliffe is that no money is skimmed off the top for admin or commissions.”

Commenting on Burpengary Tavern’s ongoing support, Duty Manager, Jodi Michael, says, “Coast Guard Redcliffe are the reason we get a lot of people here on Thursday nights. They’re fun, it’s a great cause and they’re great people. We’d have them here every night if we could.”

Humbled by the unwavering support of Burpengary Tavern and its patrons, each Christmas Coast Guard Redcliffe give back to express their thanks.

“The majority of the people here we know on a first name basis and consider family, and we find it difficult that we can’t do more to thank them for what they give us,” explains John. “So at Christmas time we buy Christmas hams, and we’ll raffle off two each week as our way of saying merry Christmas and thank you.”

For more information on Coast Guard Redcliffe, visit their Facebook page or call 3203 5522.


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