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Laughter and Lava Stones

"It’s not the type of thing where you sit down, enjoy your meal and then quietly leave. It’s an unforgettable, interactive dining experience.”

Stones on the Lakes practise an ancient style of cooking that leaves diners the master of their own perfect steak. Co-owners, Phill Healey and Garry Heidke, have rebuilt a restaurant from volcanic hot stones sourced from a far-off Italian mountain, and created something worth drooling over.

Phill and Garry acquired the restaurant in early 2017, and though they have revitalized every aspect of the space, they have maintained the legacy of 3/12 Endeavour Boulevard - top-quality steak. The end result is a restaurant that tantalizes your senses even before the food is on the plate. The earthy tones, bursts of magma red and sprinkle of rosemary provide diners with an insight of the experience to come.

“Cooking on hot rocks or stone is one of the oldest methods of cooking,” Harry shares. “By cooking on our pre- heated lava rock, the diner gets hot food cooked to perfection on every occasion. Our lava rocks are sourced from the volcanic slopes of Mount Etna in Italy to provide a perfect cooking medium. The natural theatre of the method, combined with the purity of taste and health benefits of using minimal oil and no fats, ensures that the diner has an unforgettable experience time after time.”

Diners can choose their own cuts of meat or selection of seafood and oversee it sizzle in front of them. “When I bring out the lava stones the table always erupts into oogling and drooling,” Phill says. “It sparks so much conversation, it’s a very stimulating dinner. It’s not the type of thing where you sit down, enjoy your meal and then quietly leave. It’s an unforgettable, interactive dining experience. People come and marvel at the hot stones but we don’t want to narrow their experience, so we work hard to provide a diverse range of dishes.”

Stones on the Lakes offer a seasonal menu. They have classic companions like steamed vegetables, sweet potato wedges and even heavy hitters like lobster. Every Wednesday night is all-you-can-eat ribs, wings, potato, corn and coleslaw and the dessert menu will keep you tira-amused. “We respect your time and your tastebuds. We want to provide diners with something worthwhile,” Phill promises.

The restaurant is equipped with fantastic wait staff that bring the place to life. They work like clockwork on condiments, orders, water and conversation. “People come here after work and they have the worry of the world on their shoulders. Our wait staff take that worry and give them a sizzling chunk of steak instead. We want to keep people smiling,” says Phill.

Stones on the Lakes are open from Tuesday to Sunday, serving the all-important four meals of the day; breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee. The restaurant welcomes corporate events, parties and other social occasions. The space is very versatile, and Phill and Garry have proved they have the creativity to transform it for any whim.

“The small restaurant experience is a rarity in North Lakes. Our returning customers are like family; they know our stories and nicknames and we know their tastebuds. We’re the restaurant your friends told you about,” Phill smiles.

For more visit their website.


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