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Renovation Battle of the Sexes

The saying goes that tradies get the ladies, but new data shows they also attract the gents too. While we know women love a man that is good with his hands, men are also jealous of particular handyman skills that they wish they had. A recent survey conducted by find-a-tradie site revealed some surprising differences in attitude between men and women and their thoughts on DIY and tradies.

How do tradies get us hot under the collar?

When asked “What trade skills do you most wish you had”, men seem to be jealous of tradies with technical skills, whereas women admire tradesmen that are good with their hands. In response that that question:

  • 42% of men answered Electrical skills versus 33% of women,

  • 26% of women answered Landscaping skills versus 18% of men

  • 21% of men answered Plumbing skills versus 19% of women.

  • 14% of women answered Painting skills versus 6% of men

  • 11% of men answered Tiling skills versus 6% of women.

Men and women HATE DIY, but for different reasons:

  • Women are less likely to complain about wasting their time than men (34% v 40%).

  • Men are 50% less likely to complain about being physically exhausted than women (14% v 22% of women).

Our most despised DIY job: the blocked toilet

Unclogging the toilet was the most hated DIY job universally, but women despise this job 22% more than men. Perhaps men are just more comfortable in their own stink?

Who wins with DIY:

  • Men are 46% more likely to try DIY before hiring a tradie

  • While women are less likely to DIY, men more often find that their DIY job doesn’t turn out how they picture it (42%).

Where we agree:

  • Only 4% of both men and women rated getting dirty as the worst part of DIY

  • Fixing a leaking tap isn’t high on their list of unpleasant DIY jobs (men at 11% and women 10%)

So in the end, who wins? Jeremy Levitt, CEO of says "Like with every argument between a man and a woman, there is no winner."

The data is from a survey of more than 1,700 users of in September 2017, an online services marketplace connecting customers with over 150,000 local businesses. The full data set can be found here.


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