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Bounty Boulevard State School scores two new crossing supervisors

Bounty Boulevard State School is set to receive two new crossing supervisors as part of an additional 25 new supervisors being allocated to 19 schools during the 2017-18 financial year.

“Sending children to school can be stressful for parents, so it’s great to have that extra level of safety assurance crossing supervisors provide,” said Chris Whiting, Member for Murrumba.

“Thanks to the new supervisors, Bounty Boulevard State School will benefit from the School Crossing Supervisor Scheme (SCSS) for many years to come.

“Peak traffic times will now be a lot safer for these students, as they will have the help of supervisors as they travel to and from school.”

Chris Whiting said School Crossing Supervisors did a tremendous job keeping children safe and educating them about road safety.

“Supervised school crossings encourage pedestrians to cross the road at a safe location, rather than at different and sometimes unsafe points along the road,” Chris said.

“Supervised crossings also decrease delays around schools for motorists, and remind them to take extra care on the road.”

Chris said he was thrilled to see the safety of hundreds of students improved with the addition of the crossing supervisors.

“As the biggest Prep – 6 in Queensland, Bounty Boulevard State School can get quite busy in the mornings and afternoons, so it’s great these supervisors will be on site to make sure young Queenslanders can make it across the road safely,” he said.

The remaining 18 schools to receive new supervisors will be notified in the coming weeks.

For more information on School Crossing Supervisors, including how to become a supervisor visit


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