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100,000 more hospital car parking concessions for patients and carers

One hundred thousand additional car parking concessions will be available annually under new arrangements in Queensland Health’s major hospitals.

Chris Whiting said the extra concessions will increase the availability of affordable hospital parking for those people who needed it the most.

“The State Government will provide up to $7.5 million over four years to double the availability of car parking concessions at those public hospitals with paid parking,” Chris Whiting said.

Chris Whiting is very aware that the cost of car parking is a real concern for many patients, carers and their families.

“As part of a four-point Public Hospital Car Parking Action Plan, hospitals with paid parking were required to develop and publish their car parking concessions policy by the 1st of October.

“That has been done and the additional car parking concessions are now available,” Chris Whiting said.

The car parking concessions will be available to eligible patients and their carers in the following categories:

  • Patients and carers experiencing financial hardship (which may include government concession card holders)

  • Patients and carers who need to attend hospital for an extended period of time

  • Patients and carers who are required to attend hospital frequently, and

  • Patients and carers with special needs who require assistance.

Information on how to obtain parking concessions is available from each health service, or on its website


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