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‘Michael Jackson – The Legacy Show’ Comes to Kallangur

On October 13, NORTHS will host the only Queensland show of the ‘Michael Jackson – The Legacy Tour’ 2017 Australian tour.

Direct from the United States, the show stars William Hall who has impersonated the King of Pop since the ‘80s.

“I was singing in a college band, performing Michael’s music and dancing, and a promoter heard me and asked if I’d be interested in doing a tour of Michael,” Hall explains. “I put together a show with dancers, and the next thing I knew I was touring all over the US.”

Hall spent the late ‘80s touring around the world, became a fixture on the Vegas circuit in the early ‘90s, travelled to Europe in the late ‘90s, before returning to the US in 2009 eager to return to the world stage.

“I was in the process of putting a show together, and I didn’t know what I was going to call it, and then when Michael died in the June, I sat down and I thought, if I’m going to do this, it has to be really what he was about. It can’t just be some King of Pop thing.”

Hall got in contact with Jackson’s choreographer, LaVelle Smith, and personal engineer of almost 20 years, Michael Prince, and created the show.

“I put a promo video together and did a showcase at Universal Studios in Hollywood, and the next thing you know I was getting all these calls. That’s pretty much how it started, and it’s just taking off. Every year it gets bigger and bigger.”

The full-scale production, which includes a live band and dancers, pays homage to Jackson’s ‘Bad’ (1987 to 1989), ‘Dangerous’ (1992-1993) and ‘HIStory’ (1996-1997) world tours.

“I like to say it’s a combination of his major tours, but I’ve sprinkled a little bit of the ‘This Is It’ tour in there as well. Even though he didn’t do that tour, I have enough information on it to know what he was going to do.”

This insight into Jackson’s creative process comes care of a number of his former staff and band members who join Hall on The Legacy Tour.

“A couple of people in my band worked with Michael, and having people around who really knew what he was about fuels my energy. My keyboardist, Morris Pleasure, the keyboard player for Earth, Wind & Fire, was the keyboard player for ‘This Is It’, and my musical director, Sam Simms, was Michael’s musical director.”

Hall first brought the show to Australia last year, and such was the demand for a return tour, the 2017 schedule is double that of last year’s.

“I‘ve changed it a bit this time around. A lot of the multimedia and choreography is different as well as some of the songs.”

Asked what sets The Legacy Tour apart from other Jackson tribute shows, Hall replies, “Honestly and truthfully, my vocals. That’s the compliment that I get the most from people. And I’m not just talking about the sound, I’m talking about what he was really about as a vocalist.

“I think for a lot of fans, particularly the new generation, they know Michael, but they don’t really KNOW Michael. They don’t know what he was before he was the King of Pop. And that’s what I want to bring to people.”

When: Friday, October 13 Doors: 7.30pm Show: 8pm Cost: $50.00 Tickets: At the door, by phoning 3285 2733 or at


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