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A weekend of fish fun for Narangba locals

With over 1 million proud fish owners in Australia, Petbarn North Lakes is welcoming Narangba locals to learn more about the benefits of owning a finned friend at Aqua Fun Days from Thursday 28thSeptember until Sunday 1st October.

According to Bec Lill, Store Manager at Petbarn North Lakes, aquatic pets are becoming increasingly popular in local households. In fact, out of the pet population, fish represent the highest percentage with an estimated 10.7 million fish already making great pets across the country.

Bec, says that Aqua Fun Days will be a great opportunity for fish parents to learn more about caring for their beloved pets and receive top advice from Petbarn’s aqua experts.

The Aqua Fun Days are also a great opportunity for those thinking about adding a finned friend to the family to learn more about caring for these gorgeous pets and receive advice from aqua experts.

“We are excited to be hosting Aqua Fun Days and encourage Narangba locals to come down and join in the festivities. Our aquatic experts will be on hand to assist with questions, provide tips and help locals stock up on the best products for their fish,” said Bec.

The Aqua Fun Days are designed to educate and inspire pet-parents, as well as provide fun for the whole family. Australians are invited head to their local store with a range of activities being across the country, ranging from fish tank demonstrations to in-store competitions. There will also be substantial savings off all the essentials you may need if you decide to invest in a finned friend.

“Aquatic pets, in particular fish, can make fantastic first pets and are great for Narangba locals who are living in apartments or smaller spaces. Fish are incredible creatures and come in many different colours, shapes and sizes. They are an ideal pet for people who love animals but might not have a lot of time to spend with them,” said Bec.

Aquatic pets take up minimal space and time and ongoing costs are small. They make a beautiful centrepiece in a central spot in your home and are a great starting point to teach children responsibility in how to care for a pet.

Event details:

What: Aqua Fun Days

When: Thursday 28th, Friday 29th, Saturday 30th September & Sunday 1st October 2017

Where: Petbarn North Lakes, 55 Flinders Parade, Tel: 3181 3291

To find out more visit


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