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Seniors go Digital

Chris Whiting Member for Murrumba wants local seniors to go digital with the return of the popular Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland program.

Training sessions will be delivered at 30 public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres across the state as part of the program.

“The digital world is changing at a rapid pace and navigating it comfortably is something ‘digital natives’ often take for granted,” Chris Whiting said. “The program will teach Queensland seniors to use a variety of technologies to help them navigate the evolving digital world.

It will provide Queensland’s growing seniors population with the skills needed to securely access essential services online.

“Tech Savvy Seniors delivers well-paced sessions to help seniors develop a range of useful skills including how to use a smartphone and an iPad, the basics of social media, and how to shop online and access core government services.

“The program strives to get Queensland’s older population online with confidence, help reduce social isolation often experienced from not being digitally connected, and improve resilience to online fraud and financial abuse.

“As more and more government and essential services move online, strengthening the digital literacy of seniors will better facilitate their access to information and provide them with the confidence and skills they need to embrace digital services,” said Chris Whiting.

Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland is a partnership between State Library of Queensland, Telstra, Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services, and Queensland Public Libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres.

All seniors are encouraged to find out more and book their place in a session through their local participating library or Indigenous Knowledge Centre.For further information about the Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland Initiative, visit

Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland 2017-2018 participating library services and Indigenous Knowledge Centres:


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