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Burpengary State School Arts Festival

Roll up, roll up, art exhibits abound

Come along to Burpengary State School grounds…

On Friday, September 8, Burpengary State School will once again hold its spectacular biennial Arts Festival, exhibiting a wide array of student art in every domain.

From painting, sculpture, photography, video, dance and drama, to instrumental music and choral ensembles, every student will have at least one piece of artwork displayed, highlighting the talent and hard work of Burpengary State School students.

With the purpose of the Festival being to showcase student work and foster developmental art and thinking skills, Principal Brad Fox says, “We aim to develop avenues for deep and diverse thinking, creativity and expression, which, as we are all well-aware of, the 21st century demands from people more and more. The Arts have a distinct and untapped capacity to release these amazing cognitive and imaginative abilities, and we want to exhibit our students’ wonderful capabilities and accomplishments.”

Burpengary State School’s third Arts Festival is expected to draw a crowd of at least 3,000 people, who can view the spectacle of 992 students’ multiple artworks. Accompanied by a twilight market, and with the school’s P&C providing food and drink, this suburban Woodfordia promises to attract huge community support. Mr Fox says, “Students get a genuine sense of achievement that comes from hard work, culminating in a real-life event, personal satisfaction, a feeling that they have been part of something great, and a prioritised sense of community.”

Like previous years, students have completed their artwork in class and during special event days where local artists come to the school and work with the students.

“At the moment, one of the strengths of the program is that the artwork is all related to the Australian Curriculum, but as we grow, develop and mature in The Arts, it is expected that the work will begin to come from the students more spontaneously and creatively in their own time,’ says Mr Fox.

With the students being the drivers of their own creative work, and teachers merely the passengers guiding the choreography of the dance and dramatic script performances, the quality of the art produced has expounded over the years. Mr Fox explains, “Last year, we had our first award-winning student piece which will be on display in the student gallery, plus we had a wonderful indigenous display from Murgon. This year’s promises to be another extravaganza of art and performance, and so my message is simple - if you are not there, you’ll miss out on something spectacular.”


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