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Get Your Feline Fix at The Cat Lounge

If you are a cat lover in need of a feline fix, look no further than The Cat Lounge, where you can recline on a couch, coffee in hand, while enjoying the company of the resident rescue cats.

Run by volunteers, The Cat Lounge is a special event only outdoor café open every two to three weeks at Pet Supersavers in Kallangur. With up to twenty-five resident rescue cats, The Cat Lounge offers people the opportunity to sit and relax, pat a cat and (if one should steal your heart) take home a furbaby.

“Our cats have either come from a pound death row, been surrendered, or were part of the Last Litter Program where irresponsible owners can surrender a litter of kittens,” explains Pet Supersavers Owner, Leichelle McMahon.

Once a member of The Cat Lounge clowder, the resident cats are guaranteed a safe haven until such time as they find their fur-ever home, no matter how long it takes.

“We’ve got a few long term residents. Jaffa, Fantail and Liquorice came down from Rockhampton Pound in December 2015. They are here until they find a home.”

While adoption is the ultimate end goal of The Cat Lounge, people who aren’t in a position to adopt a cat are more than welcome to attend.

“We see the events as an opportunity for people who can’t have animals to come and have a pat, and kids that aren’t confident with animals can come in and get to know them.”

Hot and cold drinks and snacks are available for guests to purchase, and each guest is given a bottle of kitticinno to offer to the feline stars.

“On a usual Cat Lounge day we might end up with 50 – 70 people in attendance, but about two Cat Lounges ago there was about 100 people. It was standing room only which was amazing. We’ve had one family come to every Cat Lounge event.”

Entry to The Cat Lounge is free for children under five years-of-age and $5.00 for adults. “The money raised goes back to helping the rescue cats. It pays for their vet work, worming, flea control, food et cetera.”

Adoption is $100.00 for adult cats (male and female) and $175.00 for kittens.

“We’re not looking for a home right now for our cats, we’re looking for the right home. A forever home, because pets are for life. It’s a lifetime commitment.”

For more information, visit The Cat Lounge Facebook page or call Pet Supersavers Kallangur on 3142 3496.


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