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Moreton Bay secures award-winning waste program for another three years

Moreton Bay Regional Council has awarded a $218,000 tender securing its award-winning waste minimisation program for another three years.

Council made the announcement that it will continue its region-wide waste education and audit partnership with Envriocom Australia through to 2020 after its coordination committee meeting on Tuesday, August 29.

Council’s award-winning waste minimisation program encourages students and the wider Moreton Bay community to change how they look at waste at schools, early learning centres, homes and businesses, and helps to implement a number of solutions to better reduce, reuse and recycle.

Asset, Construction and Maintenance Spokesperson Councillor Peter Flannery said the tender formed part of council’s $47.9 million investment in waste services in 2017/18.

The tender also includes assistance with council’s waste recovery and recycling audits, which help identify how Moreton Bay households are businesses are managing their waste.

“46 per cent of waste in Moreton Bay is currently recycled and diverted from landfill, and through council’s waste minimisation program and audits, we’re helping to encourage better recycling habits in our community,” Cr Flannery said.

Last year, the waste minimisation program won the Premier’s Sustainability Community Award.

“In just eight years, 62 schools and 18 early learning centres in Moreton Bay have completed or are currently implementing waste reduction initiatives through council’s waste reduction scheme.

“One example is Wamuran State School, who increased the amount they recycled from 17 per cent to 45 per cent, and reduced the amount of waste going to landfill by 25 per cent.

“With more than 159,000 properties utilising kerbside waste and recycling collection in Moreton Bay, programs like this play an important role in ensuring we reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible.”

The tender also includes an option for council to extend its partnership for a further two one-year periods.

It joins a number of unique waste reduction initiatives across Moreton Bay, including:

· Free tipping for residents;

· Green waste recovery and free mulch for residents;

· Treasure markets at Caboolture and Dakabin;

· Assisted waste collection service for residents with medical approval;

· Community, school and early learning centre waste education workshops, tours and presentations;

· Support for community events including Clean Up Australia Day, International Composting Awareness Week and National Recycling Week; and

· Annual regional recycler competition.

To find out more information about waste reduction in the Moreton Bay Region, visit


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