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Trevor and Suzie Holland

The podcast blasts through the static and commercials, remedying the bleeding ears radio audiences have grown so used to, and leaving listeners with real content inside their heads.

Locals, Trevor and Suzie Holland, have been at the frontline of podcasting for four years. The pair have spearheaded the rise of podcasting in Brisbane, and stand as an example of what a microphone and passion can accomplish in the digital realm.

Trevor is the creator and soothing voice behind countless podcasts belonging to The Rufus Project umbrella. Running for over four years, The Rufus Project is best described as, ‘where pop culture and bad movies blend’, and is a place where listeners can enjoy podcasts covering topics such as bad movies, with the limelight on their redeeming features (if any), and hilarious history specialising on the topics your history teacher resisted sharing for the sake of order in the classroom.

The ‘What The History’ podcast which Trevor and Suzie started almost 12 months ago is all about bizarre history. By experimenting with the traditional podcast format, the ‘What The History’ podcast delivers bite-sized podcasts for your content-starved ears.

Trevor works tirelessly in conjunction with his loving wife Suzie – who serves as an excellent co-host and occasional laughter track – and Kristian Fletcher, Brisbane’s ambassador of cult-classic movies, to create both an informative and laughter-inducing escape from radio adverts and repetitive pop songs.

Kristian Fletcher

Though Trevor has earned the podcasting throne he sits upon, he is still very much a family man. Despite the demands of family, home and his job, he and Suzie unite listeners worldwide with tales of 72-million-dollar film flops and anti-disco baseball games turned riot. All this has been possible because of their inspiration, support networks and most importantly, their laptop microphone.

“The great thing about podcasts is there’s nobody to tell you ‘no’. There’s no director or producer, there’s just you. You’re in control,” Trevor proclaims. “It is really something that’s gradually growing in Australia. It’s important to get people talking about podcasts, sharing podcasts and spread them out more so that it can become a career path.”

Podcasters are crawling into the mainstream, with Brisbane already home to the renowned ‘Smart Enough To Know Better’ podcast about science, comedy and ignorance, and ‘Penmanship’ which features Australians who work with words.

Podcasting makes it easy for anybody to share their world in a non-invasive way. While pranksters and celebrities rule the FM, the internet opens a whole new avenue for content creators. “Radio is geared toward that live ongoing stuff, a podcast is something you can listen to and go back to. No matter where you are, it’s always accessible,” shared Trevor.

Podcasts are on the rise worldwide, so it very well may be the time to get over that voice insecurity. All you need is a microphone, editing software like Audacity (which is free) and something to talk about. Follow the Hollands’ lead and share your strange with the world.

Local Podcasts:

What The History


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