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Burpengary Camera Club Inc.

On a picturesque winter morning, Burpengary Camera Club Inc. members gathered at Tinchi Tamba Wetlands for their inaugural photography outing as a club.

Founded by a group of photographers possessing a wealth of knowledge and skill, the club’s mission is to offer a friendly, non-competitive environment where enthusiastic shutterbugs can explore or improve their interest in the art of photography.

“A lot of camera clubs are very specific in ideas and what they want to do,” President Barry Barfield explains. “We wanted this club to be a very general thing for people just learning, experienced people, and families.”

Since forming in June, the club has welcomed seventeen members ranging from first time camera owners to national award winners and international competition honours recipients.

“You never stop learning with a camera,” says Barry. “I’ve been doing it now for about seven or eight years, other members have been doing it for a lot longer than that, and a few of them have only just got their first camera, so it’s a learning environment for everybody.”

The club’s twice monthly meetings are hands on, featuring photographic workshops, slideshows and competitions; all designed to improve member skills.

“We’re a member of the Photographic Society of Queensland (PSQ), and every now and again they have a judge that’s available who comes out to judge the images. We’ve also got a few professional speakers lined up.”

Members are encouraged to have an equal voice in club activities, resulting in a wide variety of outings already marked on the club calendar, including a tour of Toowoomba’s street art murals.

“We’ve got plans to go to a few camping areas which will revolve around nature, landscape and wildlife. If we can do four or five outings per month, everyone gets an opportunity to say, yes I can go to that day, and get into it.”

Not only do the group outings provide great learning opportunities, they also offer a sense of security to photographers wishing to shoot in isolated locations and/or at night.

“We often go down to Brisbane of a night-time and do things that you wouldn’t normally consider doing as an individual. But when you’ve got somebody watching your back, it makes things a lot safer and much better.”

Burpengary Camera Club Inc. will bring Feature Magazine readers the ‘Photo of the Month’ each edition, with the first, ‘Amazon Lily Encounters Bee’ by David Hill, on page <insert>.

“We’ll discuss the Photo of the Month at our meetings, and everyone hopefully will take a turn in submitting an image.”

Meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursday of every month from 7:15pm to 9:30pm at the Lions Club on Maitland Road, Burpengary (off Old Bay Road). Annual membership fees are $35 (single) and $50 (family). For more information, visit or contact the Club Secretary on 0409 766 645.

Photo Caption: Striated Pardalote by Barry Barfield


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