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Search is on for Moreton Bay’s most fashionable recycler!

Lights, camera, action! The search is on for Moreton Bay’s most fashionable recycler, as Moreton Bay

Regional Council launches its ‘Regional Recycler Competition’ for 2017, with the theme ‘Rescued Funky Fashion’.

With $4,000 in prize money up for grabs, schools and early learning centres (ELCs) across the region are being encouraged to tap into their inner Alex Perryor Coco Chanel, and create interesting and sustainable clothing and accessories fit for the runway, using discarded waste items from home and school.

To enter, schools and ELCs will need to film a short 2-3 minute YouTube video, showcasing their quirky creations with a fashion parade and brief explanation, and submit their video entry online between 10 July and 6 October 2017:

Council’s Waste Services Spokesperson, Cr Peter Flannery, said council’s annual Regional Recycler Competition was about getting kids thinking outside the box when it came to recycling and reusing.

“There’s plenty of ways kids can recycle or reuse items at both school and at home, and the Regional Recycler Competition is about getting kids thinking about sustainability in a fun and interactive way,” Cr Flannery said.

“With $4,000 in prize money up for grabs, it’s a fun way to not only learn about sustainability, but also potentially win some great prize money for your school that can be redirected into school facilities or programs.

“While many households in the Moreton Bay Region dutifully use their recycling bins, more than 176,000 tonnes of waste was sent to landfill last year - of which half could have been recycled or repurposed.

“By engaging our youngest residents, we hope to promote positive flow-on effects to recycling and waste minimisation not only at school, but also at home.”

Cr Flannery said through this year’s theme, ‘Rescued Funky Fashion’, council would be looking for the most creative and innovative wearable items, such as clothing, bags, hats or jewellery made entirely of used and unwanted items.

“There’s no limit to what kids can create or what materials can be used - from plastic bags, to old clothes, towels and manchester, coffee pods or plastic straws - the possibilities are endless.

“It’s all about using your imagination and having fun, while helping to create a sustainable culture in schools and ELCs across Moreton Bay.

“Just note recyclable items may be used, but make sure the outfit can be easily dismantled to remove the materials for recycling once no long required.”

The annual Regional Recycler Competition is part of council’s ongoing Community Waste Minimisation Program, which has engaged more than 90 early learning centres, primary and secondary schools, resulting in more than 83 per cent of education facilities in Moreton Bay auditing their waste practices.

The Program was recognised state-wide in 2016, taking out the ‘Community Award’ at the Premier’s Sustainability Awards.

Entries for the 2017 Regional Recycler Competition will open on Monday, 10 July and close Friday, 6 October 2017. Winners will be announced during National Recycling Week Celebrations from 13-19 November.

For terms and conditions or to submit your entry visit


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