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Punch Love

Most people fit in to one of two categories when it comes to gym work – cardio or weights. As a very

generalised rule, girls tend to prefer cardio while boys are the weight kings. A lot of people have a love/hate relationship with cardio thinking they HAVE to do it, or at least that is what everybody tells them to do. But you can combine cardio with strength and have fun at the same time by taking up boxing.

Boxing for fitness is one of the best all-over workouts that not only gives you great cardio respiratory fitness but also provides a number of skills including balance, coordination, reactivity and agility. As well as being fantastic for your fitness, boxing is engaging, fun, social and due to its intensity, great for fat loss.

Boxing’s high intensity interval training incinerates calories fast, making it one of the best ways to lose weight and tone up. Boxing allows you to build up both aerobic and anaerobic fitness by incorporating strength, speed and power. Plus it is way more fun that running on a treadmill!

Need a stress buster? Boxing can help with that too. When you are at the end of your tether with children, family, work or life in general, there is nothing better than smacking in to a pad or bag. The endorphins that are released from activity such as boxing far outweigh any physical benefits, plus it’s a healthy and productive way to relieve tension.

Boxing will also equip you with self-defence skills, and whilst I definitely hope that you never have to use them, it is nice to know that you could throw a decent punch if you needed to. Confidence is also another small bonus to boxing fitness.

So all in all, the benefits of boxing are plenty both mentally and physically, and way better than a trip to the pharmacy. If you fancy checking out a boxing class, come and see me at Jetts Narangba on Monday nights at 6:45pm and Wednesday nights at 6:30pm. We’d love to have you join our crew!

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