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Tips for Decorating with Bold Patterns

Do you have the kind of space that could do with a little brightening up? With bold patterns, you can make any room really come alive. However, not every space can work well with bold patterns, so you will need to keep a few tips in mind before you start throwing this kind of décor around. Below are a few suggestions for keeping your interior spaces bright and bold without going too over the top.

Use Bold Furniture

Although bold furniture might not be for everyone, if you like a particularly bold patterned sofa or love seat, you can really make it work for you. Choose a pattern with one to three different colours working together, so you always have something to match when you shop for other pieces of furniture.

Choose Bold Rugs

A large, bold patterned area rug can be a great way to bring a ton of colour to a room, especially if you have a hardwood or tile floor. Match the colours in your area rug to the rest of your furnishings and let your rug become the focal point of your room.

Opt for Bold Curtains

You might not think about letting the curtains do the talking in your room, but if you have a lot of big, beautiful windows, you can draw a lot of attention to them by using bold prints in your curtain fabric. Choose furniture that complements the colours in your curtains well, and be careful not to overdo it with wall décor near the curtains, so as not to make the visual appearance too heavy.

Always Balance your Designs

Whichever way you choose to use bold patterns, remember to balance these designs with solids as much as possible. Paint a neutral colour on the walls, choose solid furniture, or select solid accent pieces throughout the room to create a sense of balance and keep from overloading your senses when you step into your boldly decorated space. Remember that matching colours to your patterns can be fun, but using complementing colours can look especially nice as well.

When you keep these tips in mind, you can put together a space that is worthy of all the bright, bold patterns you want to use. You can learn how to balance these bold looks and how to decorate around them, and you will be better able to incorporate them into your home when you remember these suggestions.

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