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Inside Burpengary Kmart

As Burpengary residents anticipate with excitement the opening of Kmart in Burpengary Plaza this month, the retail giant established in 1969 shared with us the bold new layout.

One of over two hundred Kmart stores throughout Australia and New Zealand, the new store in Burpengary Plaza will boast many of the improved shopping features which sister stores such as North Lakes and Caboolture display.

“We have evolved the store format in response to growing changes to the way customers live and shop, in order to make their lives easier and ensure a more improved shopping experience,” said a Kmart spokesperson.

“Our innovative new store layout is centred around three worlds - Home, Clothing and Kids. These worlds are designed to make it easier for customers to find products by grouping them together in these specific areas, making their shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.”

Burpengary Kmart is approximately 5,000m2 with both self-serve and central checkouts and a combined service counter incorporating layby and photo processing, aimed at providing customers with more convenience.

“Each area of the store has its own distinct look and feel, created through bold and bright navigational signage, visual merchandising and of course new product offers. The Home world has warm, earthy tones and wooden shelves; the Kids world has bright colours and graphics and Clothing features bold multicolour panels.”

There will be plenty of room for the community on opening day, with the central checkouts eliminating queues and clutter from the store entrance, allowing customers to enter and exit with ease.

Kmart is only one of the many additions that form part of the shopping centre’s $38M makeover. Once completed, Burpengary Plaza will be positioned as a subregional shopping centre where people can spend a good half day shopping and dining should they wish. The perfect option for those who don’t want to spend a full day at North Lakes, yet still want a similar shopping experience.


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