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Flashing lights pilot to improve road safety in Narangba

Moreton Bay Regional Council is trialing two new flashing beacons on either side of McKenzie Avenue and New Settlement Road in a bid to improve road safety for motorists travelling through the roundabout.

Division 11 Councillor Darren Grimwade said he would work closely with local residents, seeking their input, about the effectiveness of the lights, to address their concerns about speed and overall road safety at the roundabout in Narangba.

“Every day, more than 16,000 motorists travel through this major roundabout on their way to work, the school run or simply to get around our community,” Cr Grimwade said.

“Improving road safety and protecting our local community is a top priority for me and I will continue to work together with the local community to find a solution to address these issues.”

Cr Grimwade said there were two signs installed as part of a trial, one on each approach to the roundabout along New Settlement Road.

“The signs have been installed about 12 metres from the nose of the traffic island when approaching the roundabout.

“There are two solar lights per sign, which flash in an alternating sequence with the words REDUCE SPEED, to focus the motorists attention on the sign.

“The new flashing lights now act as a highly visible reminder for local motorists, urging them to slow down and drive safely through the roundabout.

“Roundabouts can be unpredictable environments that’s why motorists need to be aware of the conditions they are driving through and observe the speed limit at all times.

“I hope through trialling the new signs it can help to reduce traffic incidents on the roundabout by reminding motorists to slow down and stick to the speed limits.”


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